Thursday, 16 April 2015

Term 1 - NSRI visit

In Grade 3 ...

We went to the NSRI base!


From Grade 2 these two girls have been working on a book. They just revealed Chapter 5 to the class.

 They did a very good job at acting it out for us.



Term 1 - Extension Group and Afrikaans Revision

In Grade 3 ...

In our class we have extension groups. This is one of our extension groups.

In Afrikaans we got the opportunity to use our puppets we made to do an oral. Mr. Valensky came to watch, so that was very exciting.


Term 1 - Balloon Flicking

In Grade 3 ...

We did an activity called Balloon Flicking to help strengthen our fingers!

Grab a partner and flick the balloon to each other!